The Pryde Promise

At Pryde Property, we truly stand behind our process and investment selections. Assuring results for every client is important to us and we are committed to a value promise that secures a high standard of investment success..

The Rental Guarantee

A property rented with quality and consistent paying tenants is the fastest way to secure returns. That’s why we’ve committed to ensuring your property is rented within two weeks of settlement, with no questions asked.

This guarantee mean that, if you’re looking to rent out your purchased investment property but can’t find a tenant within the first two weeks, we’ll guarantee the rent until a suitable tenant is found.

With Pryde ensuring the rent, you’ll recieve guaranteed income from your property, no matter what. That cash can help to recoup your initial investment expenditure and pay your mortgage.

With a regular supply of income, the stress and risk associated with finding suitable tenants is immediately eliminated.

The increased certainty around rental returns also helps to alleviate potential pressures of mortgage repayments, as rental income usually covers the majority of your payments.

*Exclusions may apply for customised builds or properties with additions to plans. Our guarantees are based on properties built according to the marketed plans only. Additional expenses to plans may adjust the market value of your investment and/or rental potential. 

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